Alison Haill, creator of the ‘Impact Gap’ executive soft skills model for international executives and managers


“How do you want to be seen?”

Does this sound like you…

…I know I’m not coming over the way I should, but I can’t work out how to be myself and still MAKE THE IMPRESSION I need to make

…It’s such hard work DOING IT MY WAY when others are so different

…I want EXPERT FEEDBACK from someone who isn’t afraid to TELL ME THE TRUTH and show me how to CHANGE my communication style.


Helping ambitious managers and executives

Using experience built up over more than 30 years, I help ambitious managers and executives come across better, so they make more impact and achieve the success they deserve.

I work with clients such as:

  • MANAGERS who want to build a more cohesive and motivated team by understanding how to use differences in a strong way
  • EXECUTIVES who are coming as outsiders to lead international teams to success
  • LEADERS who want to create a coaching culture in their company
  • MANAGERS and LEADERS who want to make a difference
  • PROFESSIONALS who want to achieve more at work and enjoy life too


Read what our clients say about results they have gained

“Alison realised that for me going deeper and addressing the underlying stuff would engage me more and result in more insights and change. I did not want a sticking plaster approach and I didn’t get one.” KM, CEO of global IT company

“I have really enjoyed our relationship with OPC over the last 6 years working on creating a coaching culture. The quality of work you did for and with us was of the highest standard.” Corinne Raybould, HR Director

“The coaching was really good. It helped me in different ways. I still keep my core values of openness and honesty but I listen more and I’m calmer. I’m still impatient but I am more aware and I think about it.” Operations Manager, global IT company

“His speech went much better and received very good feedback. They said he was clear, confident, statesmanlike. About the CEO of an industrial conglomerate

“I recommend DISC For Teams to business clients and friends because I thought it was good. We understand difficult customers better and work together to deal with them successfully.” Akos Forczek, Managing Director

Read about our unique Impact Gap Model here.


Take the next step to powerful Business Communication Skills

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